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Emily's Journal
(jotting things down on paper!)
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Date: June 23rd 2022 (6/23/2022)
Time: 5:35 PM
Welcome to the journal! What's it for?

This "journal" is a place to jot down my thoughts. It's a replacement for the "blog" idea! I'll be writing in it from time to time, and it'll have personal things like how I'm feeling (more in-depth) or just random things like what I'm thinking about or ideas I get.
I've seen people add these little journal things before, so I think it'd be a good idea to make my own. Plus, since personal things are going here aswell, I figured it would sound more serious than a blog.

- - -

Date: June 23rd 2022 (6/23/2022)
Time: 5:43 PM

I find it hard to think sometimes. It makes me a little nervous. Sometimes I get really anxious when I can't get my thoughts in order. It's very annoying. It's been a rough past few days, to be honest. I'm glad I have this site to bring me comfort and hopefully it comforts others. I want to interact with people who see the site more, but I don't know how. I already made a chatroom, they can email me and there's a discord server about the site too... but I still feel so disconnected. I want people to be comfortable here on the site. What if it's not enough?

- - -

Date: June 23rd 2022 (6/23/2022)
Time: 6:37 PM
Random Websites I Found

I've been finding some random (mostly useless) websites that I think are cool! I'm going to list them.

First up, "Is it Friday Yet?"; a very useless website that tells you how close to Friday it is. It's a VERY simple website -- it's actually kind of charming, 'cause of that.
Is it Friday Yet?

Next is "Paint Him Blue"; a short, hilarious website that involes you clicking a person and turning them blue via a paint bucket (your cursor). Originally the person is gray and stands still, but upon clicking him he turns blue and begins to sort of dance. To add even more comedic value, "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65 plays instantly upon making the person blue (starting with the chorus; "I'm Blue...") I do not know why I find it so funny.
Paint Him Blue

Next is "Window Swap"; a pretty cool website where you can look out of people's windows around the world. Very relaxing and cool!
Window Swap

Next is "Watching Grass Grow"; a funny, useless website in which you watch grass grow in real time. It's really wholesome how the website character actually has like, a family with kids! There's a message board on the site aswell. It's also funny how theres a little lawn mower by the cursor. Very creative and cute!
Watching Grass Grow

Next is "Bouncing DVD Logo"; a simple website that is exactly how it sounds. It's just a bouncing DVD logo that changes color every time it hits a wall.
Bouncing DVD Logo

And finally, my personal favorite... "Windows 93"; a website that mimics old windows' setup and programs! It's got a whole bunch of stuff to do on it. Oh, a warning: there's some flashing lights and loud sounds! Overall a very nostalgic and wonderfully crafted website.
Windows 93

- - -