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10,000 views has been surpassed on the site! Let's celebrate! Here's to another 6 months!

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Emily Stats!

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The site reached past 10,000 views!


Status: Emily is Offline. She feels anxious.

So, what's next for this site?


The Journal has been created! [finished favicon for it, too!]

Emily's Coding Tips has been created! [needs favicon]



We've reached 10,000+ views!!!


Checked and moderated chat-logs.

Replied to a comment in the Guestbook.

Fixed names.

Hi there! I'm Emily, your new friend!

Want to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with me?

Want to see my room? I cleaned it up for you!

Want to chat? I made a Chatroom! Make sure to follow the rules.

Want to email me? I've made a Email Center in which you can email me directly!

Want to see some artwork of me; with offical and fanmade works? See the Art Gallery!

Want to sign the Guestbook? It's new and improved!

Want to check out my Journal? It's where I can jot down my thoughts, feelings and random ideas!

Want to make a website yourself, and need a little help getting started? Check out my Tips for Coding! I'll be adding to it every now and then.

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About Forever Home / FAQ

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What's Forever Home?

A website supposed to give comfort and feel cozy in. See "Who Made Forever Home..." section below to see more info about its' creator. Forever Home has a mascot named Emily, who likes to interact with those who come to the site. See 'Can I Contact Emily?' section below for more info.

Who's Emily?

Emily is the website's mascot, and your friend here on Forever Home. She was inspired by other dreamcore OCs people have created; mainly those with an eye for a head, wearing a dress.

What does it mean when Emily is "Online" or "Offline?"

When Emily is Online: She will reply to emails quickly and chances are the site is being updated (even if not to the public eye.)

When Emily is Offline: She will reply to emails slower and the website probably won't be updated while she is offline.

Can I Contact Emily?

You may contact Emily via our email: welcometoforeverhome@gmail.com [Yes, this email is actually contactable. The link leads you to an 'Email Center' in which you may email her accordingly. She will get back to you as soon as she can.]

You may message her to say hi, or tell her if something is wrong with our site. We do not mind. You can also message her if you have any suggestions for the site. And finally, you may ask her any questions you have about her.

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We have a new Guestbook you can sign!

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We have have a Chatroom that you can talk in, if you wish.

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Who Made Forever Home / Emily / etc?

The creator of this website is an artist (and Youtuber) named EmilyEquinox. She drew all the art in this website (EXCEPT for the images like the backgrounds, the fanart drawn by others in the Art Gallery, and the real-life-looking images for Rock, Paper, Scissors.) EQ has done all the code aswell (except for the Email Center / Chatroom and Guestbook code; which was made using "Bawkbox" and "Bravenet" respectively.) EQ is the creator of Emily; the mascot of the site. EQ is generally new to HTML and CSS.

Extra / Random

This website looks awful on a tablet. Highly reccomended to view this website via a computer (or a phone, if you must)!

This site was created April 9th 2022 (this is also considered Emily's birthday.) This site is still being tweaked and updated, and is a WIP.

Emily's favorite songs at the moment are...

Browser History - Graham Kartna - (SLOWED / DAYCORE VER.)

Kimi ni Kaikisen - Inabakumori

Shikabane no Odori - Kikuo - (INSTRUMENTAL / OFF VOCAL VER.)

Ther - Gavriel

Did you know? Emily's favorite color is either pink, yellow, or purple. She can't decide one!



1000 views - April 10th (I think) 2022

2000 views - April 12th 2022

3000 views - April 16th 2022

4000 views - April 23rd 2022

5000 views - May 7th 2022

10,000 views - Approx. Oct 10th 2022


Other Analytics

The site has been out for a week! (April 9th 2022 - April 16th 2022)

The site has been out for a month! (April 9th 2022 - May 9th 2022)

The site has been out for six months [half a year]! (April 9th 2022 - October 24th 2022)

Emails sent to Emily - 5

Site followers - 17

Total Fanarts made for Emily - 8

Not all pieces of fanart are put into the Art Gallery due to the creator not consenting to it / never replying back when asked.

There are currently 6 pieces of fanart in the Art Gallery.

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