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Welcome to Emily's Tips for Coding!

(For those starting to code in HTML / CSS -- keep in mind that Emily is a beginner herself and is just giving the knowledge that she knows of)

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[This page will be updated at times to add new tutorials]

TABLE OF CONTENTS [in order of appearance]

- Text and Spacing

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Welcome! This is where I'll give some tips and tricks on beginner things to code in HTML / CSS. We'll mainly focus on HTML. So... let's start simple!

! -- Text and Spacing -- !

So... how do you even add text to your website to begin with? Well, most of it consists of using 'p' and 'h#'!

'P' uses unbolded, unitalicized text. It stands for 'paragraph' or 'paragraph break.'

It's the text you're seeing right now. Using 'p' automatically creates another line as well.

The different numbers of 'h#' decide the size of the text (though, be aware that using 'h#' will instantly bold the text.) It goes from h6 to h1 (smallest to biggest.) 'H#' stands for 'heading [number].' For example:
This is h6.
This is h5.

This is h4.

This is h3.

This is h2.

This is h1.

They're good for making titles or segmenting things off.

Here's the code for what was just done (albeit slightly outdated due to fixing some sentences after this was done):
See how it's all nested together when 'p' or 'h#' is used? It's like a matryoshka doll!

Something you may have noticed though is a thing called 'br' in brackets.

This is a thing for spacing!
Using 'p' and 'h#' already create a new space, but what if you don't want to use 'p' or 'h#' and just want to keep typing on a new line? Well, 'br' has got your back! It stands for 'break' ('line break') and it can be used to easily and seamlessly create a new line.

Like my matryoshka doll point earlier, things like 'p' and 'h#' (among others) need be closed upon starting it. This is so the code knows what code to include. But, 'br' doesn't need a closing bracket! It can be one, two, three, however many 'br's (or 'line breaks') you need.

Something else you may want to do is making some text bold or italic. Well, theres a bracket for that! You may think its called 'italics' and 'bold,' but upon typing these brackets, closing them, saving and re-checking your site -- you'll find nothing happens to your text at all.

This is because the brackets for italics are 'em,'
And the brackets for bold is 'strong!'
For example!

This text is in italics! Very fancy!
This text is in bold! Very imposing!
This text is in both italics AND bold! It seems important!

I'll show you how this looks in the code aswell:
See? When you get the hang of it, typing this stuff out is like second nature.