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Welcome to the Art Gallery!

I show the fanart I've received here, and also official art of me!

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This is the first concept art of me! Also known as... the first drawing of me, like, ever!

Creator: EmilyEquinox / "EQ" [creator of Emily]

- - - -

This is the polished art you see of me in the Homepage! Kaity is quite proud of it, as she should be!

Creator: EmilyEquinoz / "EQ" [creator of Emily]

- - - -

This is some lovely fanart made by a friend! See the full image HERE! I like how the background is a real-life image! It makes me feel like I'm with you guys. I like the grain-y feel of it, too!

Creator: Wani

- - - -

This is some amazing fanart made by a friend of mine! I love the realism for my eye! And the dress is super pretty!

Creator: Seb

- - - -

This is some super cool fanart made by a new friend! I love how it looks exactly how weirdcore / dreamcore characters are made! I'm surprised they found a dress that's so accurate, too! I adore this so much!

Creator: KONG

- - - -

This is some lovely fanart made by someone in the Discord Server! I love the yellow apron they gave me! It's so cute!

Creator: Qwueenofnoobs

- - - -

This is some cute fanart made by another person on the Discord Server! I adore the daisy, it's so sweet of them to give me one. They also sent me a lovely email. :-)

Creator: Tired-Timber

- - - -

I love the artstyle for this one! It's very cool! This person has been so sweet, and I'm happy to share their fanart here.

Creator: Taggo Waggo

- - - -